About Us


MASINGITA GROUP OF COMPANIES is a 100% progressive black owned company that is involved in property development, construction and asset management. Founded by Dr Mike Nkuna in 1983, it was built from a vision as lofty as the African sky and hard work as humble as the African soil, a beautifully woven story with a golden thread at its center. Focused primarily on townships and rural areas of South Africa.

We pride ourselves with reversing the demeaning trend of substandard rural development and actively contribute to the end goal of restoring the dignity of previously marginalized communities through the development of modern commercial, retail and industrial facilities that were previously historically exclusive to urban areas.

What sets us apart?

A real estate company servicing and uplifting our communities.

The creation and management of quality property assets, with a retail focus, which will uplift rural and township areas, striving to deliver value to all stakeholders and be the destination of choice for our communities.

MASINGITA GROUP OF COMPANIES grounds itself on the following core values:

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Transparency


At MASINGITA GROUP OF COMPANIES, we believe in nurturing talent and teamwork that drives delivery of quality outputs. This is our fundamental principle, which guides us in the implementation of our Corporate Social Investment Programme.

We invest in our people through bursaries and a range of training interventions in order to foster talent, develop competence, provide experience and strengthen expertise to ensure the delivery of outstanding services. In this way, as our heritage has taught us, we weave individual threads together to form a rich tapestry of talent.

We are mindful of the many pressing social priorities and with regard to the nature of our business operation, our Corporate Social Investment Programmes are strategically linked to the development and social needs of communities. 


MASINGITA GROUP OF COMPANIES has an effective training and upliftment policy with special focus on historically disadvantaged individuals, particularly women and youth. Individuals are mentored and trained in property development and asset management, creating a broader skill set for that individual and equipping them with skills and knowledge eligible for permanent employment in the property sector. We firmly believe that as each thread is strengthened, and tied in to the greater work, the fabric as a whole becomes increasingly useful.


At MASINGITA GROUP OF COMPANIES, we value maintaining a corporate culture of hands-on management and direct involvement. This unique business approach is the driving force that fortifies our continuous delivery of high quality, signature developments.

Furthermore, as a company committed to the advancement of our employees, we can proudly attribute the secret to our ongoing success to the people at Masingita Group of Companies. We have a stable core team of dedicated professionals, most with commendable years of experience in varied professional disciplines. Together, we have been woven into a strong rope that can pull us through any and every challenge.

It is the dedication of this team and the inter-woven corporate culture it has produced, that contributes most significantly to the success and evolution of the company and its subsidiaries..